Christopher Nolan analüüsib oma lemmikstseeni filmis “Dark Knight”

28 10 2008

The LA Times’is on huvitav artikkel, milles rezissöör Christopher Nolan mõtestab lahti stseeni filmis Dark Knight. See on avardav vaade filmitegemisse kui loomingulisse protsessi.

Dark Night

Dark Night

Siin väike silmapilk sellesse, kuidas nad stseeni valgustasid (inglise keeles):

“The scene starts between Gary Oldman [as James Gordon] and Heath with the lights out, and [director of photography] Wally Pfister literally just lit the scene with the desk lamp, the table lamp, and nothing else. And then when the lights come on, Batman is revealed, and the rest of the scene plays out with a massive overexposure. He overexposed like five stops, I want to say, and then printed it down to bring some of the color back in. But it’s this incredibly intense overhead light which let us move in any direction. We had a handheld camera and shot however we wanted, be very spontaneous.”

“We start in a very controlled way, but even within that frame, the way Heath is bobbing in and out —and he’s actually bobbing in and out of the focal plane because, you know, it’s very hard to follow someone whose leaning toward camera the whole time. It actually really adds something. We’re continually trying to catch him with the focus. You really see his movement back and forth. That way, even in a tight frame, you have this sense of strangeness. On the other hand, you have Batman sitting there just very, very controlled, restrained as you say. Then there’s a point where it spills over into real physicality and he drags the Joker across the table. We go handheld at that point and shot the rest of the scene with handheld to be very spontaneous in its movement.”

Vaata treilerit!

Loe uudist ka Cube Productionsi kodulehe “Teadmiste Keskusest”, kust saab ka treilerit alla laadida!




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