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Red Scarlet Footage Released
It looks like Red has posted some footage from Scarlet. It’s a locked off shot of Izzy the Iguana slowly moving his head and blinking, a simple one-light setup against a black background. On Reduser it’s been stated that the shot was captured on the 2/3?S read more

Red updates with new specs, renders, delivery timeline
The latest announcement from Red updates the specs on models announced in their mid-November announcement. Mike Curtis has a good writeup that talks about the new options. Red clearly has a vision for high-end filmmakers… read more

Thoughts on the Red Announcement from a Red One User
The following is a guest blog post by Jerome Thelia, a partner at multi-media production company Merge. We wrote about Merge — which also includes photographer David McLain — in the October issue of PDN. That article discussed Thelia’s and McLain’s expe read more

Red Facts: straight talk on the technical realities of the Red camera
This is a second draft of this article. As we were ammending the first draft to address new arguments, we found that it was becoming mired in what could be an endless back and forth over technical definitions and minutia. So we’re going to zoom back, take read more

Indie filmmaker’s dream: Red Digital’s Scarlet ‘Pocket’ Professional Camera
RED Digital announced the Scarlet handheld specialty camera at the NAB 2008 conference this week (in Vegas of course), and it’s a potentially red-hot build. Due to its high-quality, sexy-looking specs, they’re already calling it, rather sheepishly, the ‘P read more


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