Mõtlevale ja tegutsevale inimesele

Isaac Botkin: “Don’t go to animation school”
Those of you who know me know that I don’t recommend film school. It had its uses back when cameras were rare and film was expensive and sound was young, but these days the best artists and technicians are largely self-taught. read more

Audio: Panel on the Future of Hollywood, from USC
Thursday night’s panel at USC’s Annenberg School was a lot of fun… I’m posting some rough audio of about half the conversation here. The question it begins with is: “What’s the biggest opportunity in the entertainment industry today?” It goes on to cove read more

Art Of The Producer (More Than Finding Money)
What exactly does a Producer do? Are they just a means to finding the money? Or is the art of the Producer something much more intrinsic to the creative development of a cinematic project? This episode of Motion Sketches explores the role of the Producer read more

The nuts and bolts of viral video
The Wall Street Journal has a great piece that highlights some of the ways that Internet videomakers build up big audiences. read more

Quick Makeup solution for interviews
Via Larry Jordan’s essential monthly newsletter resource, I found this hot tip for quickly dealing with skin imperfections and hot spots. read more

Christopher Nolan analyzes his favorite scene in “Dark Knight”
The LA Times has an interesting article in which director Christopher Nolan breaks down a scene in Dark Knight. It’s a revealing look into the filmmaking and creative process. Here’s a snippet on how they lit the scene: read more

Quick Copyright Check Calculator
Here’s a neat little resource, it’s a “calculator” of sorts that quickly lets you know what laws apply to content produced on a certain date, and with specific conditions. Check it out, this looks like a handy resource to bookmark. read more


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